Testimonials from residents and family at Hessler Heights Gracious Retirement Living.

Hessler Heights Gracious Retirement Living Resident Testimonials

“When my husband died after 62 years of marriage, I experienced what many of the residents of Alexis Estates have experienced –a dramatic change in how I lived my life. My children were concerned about my being alone in a big house and over an hour away. I was fiercely independent, but even I knew they were right. We immediately started looking for a place I could live that was closer to them and where they knew I was safe. Today, I consider myself a very blessed woman because I’m here. Yes, I’m safe but I also have my own apartment to be safe in, and I’m never going to have to cook another meal again. I’m surrounded by friends who have fascinating life stories –which we all share at the drop of a hat—and we care about each other. My children are happy. I’m happy. I’m also 85, but who cares? Let’s play Bingo!”

Dorothy Sanders (Allen, Texas)

Dorothy Sanders at Hessler Heights Gracious Retirement Living in Leesburg, Virginia
Don and Betty Yingling at Hessler Heights Gracious Retirement Living in Leesburg, Virginia

“We were so impressed by the charm of the interior and the friendliness of the staff at Springwood Landing. The live-in managers are very pleasant and helpful. There are so many activities in house, trips to community places and events, plus a full time activity director. It seems like everything has been planned to make retirement living enjoyable and stimulating. The décor is bright, cheerful, and inviting. Not only is the food delicious but the seating arrangement encourages getting acquainted. It is so nice to have menu options.”

Don and Betty Yingling, (Vancouver, WA)

“When I came to Camden Springs I had never been apart from my family. My daughter tried to get me to come and see Camden Springs for a long time, but I just couldn’t see myself living with a lot of strangers. One day, I just felt lonely and decided to visit Camden Springs. I immediately felt a very friendly atmosphere when I entered the building, so I checked it out. I liked what I saw so I signed up to live here and it was the best move I could have made. I’ve lived here for 5 years now and plan to stay here as long as I can. I love the people, the managers and staff. I’ve learned to live again, and I’m very happy I have found my Golden Pond & a new family.”

Lydia L. Perez (Elk Grove, California)

Lydia L. Perez at Hessler Heights Gracious Retirement Living in Leesburg, Virginia
Jack and Frankie Cooper at Hessler Heights Gracious Retirement Living in Leesburg, Virginia

“We were the first people to sign up to live at Pioneer Ridge. We were very impressed with their plans and they have lived up to every expectation. The staff is excellent, the people are friendly and Frankie doesn’t have to cook or clean anymore.”

Jack and Frankie Cooper (McKinney, Texas)

“My Dad moved into Northridge Gracious Retirement Living a few years ago and I have been more than pleased with the community and staff. I cannot say enough good things about it. The building, location and amenities are absolutely wonderful. My Dad and I have been very happy with the food and activities offered, but the most impressive characteristic of Northridge is the loving and caring staff. They have extended love and kindness that has helped him feel at home, and my Dad now has a renewed grip on life!”

Troy Gordon (Fishers, Indiana)

Troy Gordon at Hessler Heights Gracious Retirement Living in Leesburg, Virginia
Mary Jo Greenwood at Hessler Heights Gracious Retirement Living in Leesburg, Virginia

“My life took on a new energy when I moved to Orchard Heights. We have many fun activities and social events, and I’m never lonely. I enjoy the meals and the stress free lifestyle. The managers and staff are like family to me. I moved here when it first opened and never regretted selling my large home with all the responsibilities and expenses. Everything is included in the rental price; three wholesome meals served every day, weekly cleaning, transportation, and all utilities. But best of all are the friendships I have formed with the other residents.”

Mary Jo Greenwood (Clermont, Florida)