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Why Trialing A Senior Living Community Makes Sense

The transition from a private family home to a senior living community is a big decision. It affects not only your aging loved ones, but also the entire family. We all resist change but there are simple ways to ease into it and take some of the anxiety and fear out of it.

At our communities we offer a unique 90-day trial for prospective residents to test out our communities to see if it feels like the right fit for them. We do this because we understand that the transition can seem daunting.

Experience The Community
At any point in their life, most people tour a potential new home. Whether it’s a home purchase or a new apartment, most individuals want to take a look for themselves and get up close and personal somewhere they may potentially live. That’s why we always recommend a tour of our communities.

Think of our 90-day trial as an extended tour. Prospective residents will get to experience what life would be like should they decide to make the leap into joining one of our beautiful communities. They can experience the food, the grounds, the personal residences and the level of care they would receive if they were to decide that a senior living or assisted living community is right for them.

Experience The People
A huge benefit to transitioning to a senior living residence is the sense of community that they come with. Socializing with peers and the community's friendly staff is oftentimes a much welcomed activity and one that many prospective residents don’t fully understand until they experience it for themselves.

Experience The Process
Perhaps most importantly, taking a senior living community for a trial run is a great way to ease the stress around transitioning. It comes without a hard and firm commitment that may provide your loved one with more peace of mind. They can go into the experience knowing they have time to feel it out and make a decision. 

If you are interested in learning more about a trial stay at one of our residences, please do not hesitate to reach out.