Testimonials from residents and family at Cedarview Gracious Retirement Living.

Cedarview Gracious Retirement Living Resident Testimonials

“Once my wife had to move to receive a higher level of care, I found myself alone at home. So with encouragement from my daughter, and after the courteous tour I received from the Cedarview management team, I decided this was the right place for me. The experience at Cedarview has been beyond my expectations and I have recommended it to several people since I moved in. I enjoy the morning exercise classes and appreciate the range of activities offered here. In addition to the genuine care and courtesy I receive from staff, I like the companionship opportunities Cedarview offers with other like-minded residents.”

Jim Grant

Jim Grant at Cedarview Gracious Retirement Living in Woodstock, Ontario
Myrtle Jouffret, a resident at Cedarview Gracious Retirement Living in Woodstock, Ontario

“Home Sweet Home. I love this place. I love the people, staff and everything about it. My heart is full of nothing but gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. What more could I say. Bless you all!”

Myrtle Jouffret

“I realized that the years were catching up with me when it was becoming increasingly difficult to vacuum, clean and keep my apartment the way I wanted it. Preparing meals for one and eating properly was another problem. Then fate stepped in and I spent six weeks in the hospital. My window looked out across the street to Cedarview. Once I decided to move, I struggled with what I would be able to take, but with the help of a home stager I was able to choose what would fit into my new home. After becoming a resident I found the staff to be second to none. They are all very dedicated, and I know this was the right decision for me. I enjoy the company at meals, the genuine care of the staff, seeing old acquaintances and making new friends. I always feel as though I’m surrounded by friends.”

Ruth Loosmore

Ruth Loosmore, a resident at Cedarview Gracious Retirement Living in Woodstock, Ontario
Janette Ratcliffe at Cedarview Gracious Retirement Living in Woodstock, Ontario

“In May 2013, I heard about the new building and went to take a tour at Cedarview. I was so sure about it that I signed up on the spot! My great-granddaughter calls this place ‘The Ritz’. The personnel is great, the rooms are comfortable, and you couldn’t ask for healthier food. The laundry and housekeeping services really take a lot off my mind, and I’m looking forward to getting involved in more of the fun activities. Being 96 years old, Cedarview is fantastic; I just love it!”

Janette Ratcliffe

“From one resident living at Cedarview-WOW! This is the place for me! A wonderful and gracious home, and I am very proud to tell all of my friends. It is great!!”

June Curry

June Curry at Cedarview Gracious Retirement Living in Woodstock, Ontario
Marlene Manderson at Cedarview Gracious Retirement Living in Woodstock, Ontario

“There are no words to express it all; how beautiful everything is, how wonderful the services are, and how homey the atmosphere is. When I’m here, it feels like I’m at a vacation resort and I’m being treated like a queen! Living alone in my condo, the stairs made it difficult to get out with my walker, so what I’m most looking forward to is being able to easily get out and socialize. I’ve made a few friends already and like having people to talk to. Also, I’m looking forward to having my sisters, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren visit.”

Marlene Manderson