Testimonials from residents and family at Rosewood Estates.

Rosewood Estates Resident Testimonials

Yvonne Briden at Rosewood Estates in Cobourg, Ontario

“Home Sweet Home! This is Rosewood Estates to me. Our enthusiastic managers and energetic activity coordinator, along with the personable staff, make this a very comfortable and happy place to live. The amenities are too numerous to list. I know I made the right decision to make Rosewood Estates my home.”

Yvonne Briden

“One day David was trying to fix our fence. On that particular day he couldn’t get down on his knees to do the work. Emphatically, I said “we’re moving!” We’d been in our house for over 56 years, but without hesitation he said “It’s to be Rosewood?” I said “Yes”. And he said “Let’s go!” It’s a wonderful place with friendly and thoughtful staff. The food is well presented and varied. Further, there is always lots to do! Our apartment is private, very comfortable and so well looked after. But most of all, our fellow residents have become our dear friends. Some old and some new, but everyone is our friend. We look after each other. It really is a great place to live!”

David and Maebelle Cowin

David and Maebelle Cowin at Rosewood Estates in Cobourg, Ontario
Eleanor and John McFarlane at Rosewood Estates in Cobourg, Ontario

“My husband and I have been living at Rosewood Estates for a couple years. We love it here and are looked after in every way. The dining room is lovely and very inviting, and the food is delicious. We enjoy the people here and it is interesting to hear their stories while sitting around the dining table.”

Eleanor and John McFarlane

“Living at Rosewood Estates is almost like being on a cruise ship. The meals are excellent and the management and staff are always ready to assist. The building itself is beautiful and has excellent landscaping. We are one great family and I am proud to tell people where I live.”

Charles J. Potier

Charles J. Potier at Rosewood Estates in Cobourg, Ontario
Madeline Moore at Rosewood Estates in Cobourg, Ontario

“It’s not only awesome, it’s beautiful! Seeing is believing! Our Chef offers three delicious tasting and nutritious meals a day, and there are lots of organized activities to suit your interests. There are many apartment floor plans to choose from so there’ll be one that’s just right for everyone. Truly, living here is wonderful!”

Madeline Moore

“What I enjoy most about Rosewood Estates is the food! It is very tasty with a wide variety of choices to make a well-balanced diet. Of course the desserts are yummy too! We appreciate the services. It’s given in a friendly and professional manner, and both management and staff quickly learned our likes and dislikes. We’ve also made many new friends around the dinner table.”

Warren Harvey

Mim and Warren Harvey at Rosewood Estates in Cobourg, Ontario