Testimonials from residents and family at Amber Park.

Amber Park Resident Testimonials

“This is a nice and comfortable place to live. Day or night, the staff is always there for me. All of the people that work here are concerned about our wellbeing. I like that someone is always here that cares about me.”

Charles Brown

“The people at Amber Park are so nice, we have good entertainment, and they take care of my medical needs. I would tell anyone that needs to live in Assisted Living to come to Amber Park!”

Imogene Morbitzer

“Amber Park is the best place I have ever lived outside of my own home. I enjoy the people, the good food, and nice living quarters. I like the activities and outings, and there are lots of friendly people that live here.”

Chuck Clegg

“There are lots of activities for us to get involved in here at Amber Park. The food is good, and family is always welcome to join us for meals and events. I like being pampered when I get my nails done. It’s nice to have people to talk to and get to know and I really enjoy the other residents’ company.”

Lee Blair

“I feel very much at home living at Amber Park. Everyone is very friendly and happy. They do lots of extra things to make us feel happy. It is a very clean and friendly place, and you can’t get much better than having home cooked meals three times a day.”

Mary Hayes