Testimonials from residents and family at Linwood Estates Gracious Retirement Living.

Linwood Estates Gracious Retirement Living Resident Testimonials

“When I came to visit Linwood Estates for the first time I knew in my heart that I had found the place where I want to live the rest of my life. I was impressed with the simplicity and honesty of the administrative staff who gave us the tour of Linwood. I knew which apartment I would pick after the tour. Living here has given me not only a gracious living atmosphere, but also the independence that I wanted. I have met new friends that I want to keep the rest of my life. I have no doubt about the sincerity of the management team and the staff they have hired to give us the loving care and commitment of a safe and wonderful experience.” 

Sonia Rojales

Sonia Rojales at Linwood Estates Gracious Retirement Living
Steve and Cora residents at Linwood Estates Gracious Retirement Living in Lawrenceville, Georgia

“The management here is truly professional, friendly, helpful, and considerate. The entire staff is always there to serve the residents in a timely, courteous, and effective manner. The community is very clean and I always feel safe. The tasty food is prepared in a healthy manner and there is enough variety to please. Most importantly it is our home and everybody involved strives to make us all comfortable.”

Steve & Cora Wallendorf

“After the passing away of my beloved husband, I made the decision to look for a senior living community closer to my family. The location and the fact that the managers live on site helped me to choose Linwood Estates. We followed the construction anxiously, ready to move as soon as we got the call saying “we are open”. Although each of us has left precious memories behind, we are already a caring family and lovingly welcome new friends as they join us. The managers and all of the staff are great. They are experienced and understanding in caring for seniors. Some call this community Linwood Estates, but I’m happy to call it my beautiful home.”

Nelda Warner

Nelda a resident at Linwood Estates Gracious Retirement Living in Lawrenceville, Georgia
Mary Frances at Linwood Estates Gracious Retirement Living in Lawrenceville, Georgia

“I sold my home because at my age I wanted to enjoy life without having to maintain a house. I was so blesses to find this community. Everyone is wonderful. The staff, especially the management, is so nice and really cares about us. I enjoy the beautiful building, inside and out! I am a resident of the 2nd floor and I love my balcony. It is covered so I can even enjoy having lunch while watching the rain. The food is great! Having transportation to appointments and outings is so nice and much appreciated. I would recommend Linwood Estates to anyone.”

Mary Frances Sherwood

“Linwood Estates provided me a nice apartment and their service is great. Having the managers serve us at meals is very rewarding. They really make us feel at home as well as providing us with many activities. Having movies every night and exercises every day is enjoyable.”

Neil Flippin

Neil Flippin at Linwood Estates Gracious Retirement Living in Lawrenceville, Georgia