Testimonials from residents and family at The Peaks at Santa Rita.

The Peaks at Santa Rita Resident Testimonials

“The time had come for me to make a change. It was getting very difficult for me to take care of my house, and the location at the Peaks was ideal. I was impressed by how clean and well kept the community was and knew immediately that this is where I wanted to be. The meals are very well prepared, and the chef is available to any suggestions and requests. Mealtime is social hour where we join together for pleasant conversation with old and new friends. I feel very safe and happy in my new home.”

Lenore Mills

Lenore Mills at The Peaks at Santa Rita in Green Valley, Arizona
Anne Leonard at The Peaks at Santa Rita in Green Valley, Arizona

“The Peaks at Santa Rita is my home and I love it. I feel safe, happy and productive in this environment. Mountain views from my living room and bedroom windows greet me each morning as I head for the swimming pool for my 6:30 a.m. swim. It is a happy place to live with birds, little rabbits, and green grass all about. But the greatest attraction is the other people who live here – the staff, the residents and a dozen close friends. This is truly a family that cares for each other and shares the joys of life each day, even at 86 years of age.”

Anne Leonard

“We lived in Tucson and were tired of being homeowners, and tired of driving in big city traffic. The minute we saw the apartments at the Peaks, we were hooked! We moved in shortly after it opened and have been very happy with all aspects of living here; the management, the staff, the amenities, and the price can’t be beat. We feel very taken care of here, and we love the variety of activities offered. Everyone looks out for everyone else, and we tell all of our friends that it’s like living in a senior co-ed dormitory.”

Roy Karp and Lynn Johnson

Roy Karp and Lynn Johnson at The Peaks at Santa Rita in Green Valley, Arizona
Carolyn McVeigh at The Peaks at Santa Rita in Green Valley, Arizona

“I love living at the Peaks. The staff is wonderful and so are the people who live here. There is so much going on all the time that you can never be bored. This is my second family. I have made so many friends here and hope I never have to leave. God bless everyone for making this such a great place to live.”

Carolyn McVeigh

“Bob and I are privileged to live at the Peaks. It is reasonably priced and has some of the best amenities. But more importantly is that the Managers are superb. They have made The Peaks home and not just a place to live. Our Activities Director manages to keep everyone involved and active and the food is well prepared and varied. The best part though is that this is a community of families coming together as a family.”

Bob and Corinne Pollak

Bob and Corinne Pollak at The Peaks at Santa Rita in Green Valley, Arizona