senior living in Boise

Salmon Creek

4890 N Cloverdale Rd
Boise, ID 83713
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Our Retirement Community Testimonials

"We enjoy such a luxurious life here with all of the amenities and activities that I wanted.  After my wife passed away, I wanted to be where there was a life of ease-no work, no worries.  I enjoy the camaraderie of interesting and fun people and have made great friends here.  I had someone help me visit different communities and she felt this was the place with the best dollar value as well.  My family is very happy I made this decision." 

~Bob Burkett 

"We liked the bright surroundings, the meal program, which is delightful, and the activities." 

~Dick & Mary-Margaret Geiver

"Salmon Creek provides spacious and tastefully decorated surroundings conducive to a wide range of personal choices for daily living. The staff responds promptly to meet the needs of its residents. It is first rate!" 

~Moffie Biddlinger

"When I was ready to leave my home my children looked around and then brought me over to Salmon Creek where they believed I would by happy.  They were right!  I never dreamed that I would find such a wonderful place to live for the rest of my life. 

~Leona Mayer

"My children researched different retirement communities, and found Salmon Creek for me. They made a great choice; this is a fantastic place to live!" 

~Bob Collier

"All the meals at Salmon Creek have been excellent and always presented beautifully. The chefs use fresh ingredients and make everything from scratch. 

~Myrna Besson

"The staff is friendly and I have a wonderful housekeeper who cleans my apartment perfectly."

~Norm Loomis

“As a person who, at the beginning of my marriage 61 years ago, thought I would be spending my ending years milking a cow and some goats, gardening, cooking and cleaning house, I feel very fortunate to be living in such a beautiful home as ‘Salmon Creek’. The food is better than I can cook-I get up when I please and if I want to watch TV and movies all night-I do. My husband enjoys the activities here-especially the exercise class.”

~Joan Duffurrena

“I enjoy the team of managers. We are treated like family and cared for continually. The people are
warm and caring and we look out for each other. The activities are great and enjoyable, and we can still be alone if we choose. This is my home and I don’t plan to ever leave.”

~Loveta Weatherby