retirement community in Guelph

Guelph Lake Commons

520 Victoria Road N
Guelph, ON N1E 0E6
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Photo Tour - Retirement community in Guelph

Our Retirement Community Testimonials

“The managers, housekeepers and serving staff are all wonderful. The food is great and there is always something to do. This is a wonderful place to live and I’m so happy to be here now that I’m retired.”

~Wayne Soule

“I have enjoyed living at Guelph Lake Commons for almost 5 years. As an active ambassador in the community, I like to go over and greet new people and help them find a table to sit at. I have a lot of fun playing Kings in the Corner, and other games. My quality of life in this community is wonderful, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”

~Otto Morley

“Making the move to Guelph Lake Commons was right for me. I love it here! In Mississauga I was living in just a house, but at Guelph Lake Commons I am now living in a home!”

~Jane Seager

"I like the food, the people, activities and the convenience
of how close we are to downtown!"

~Betty H.

“The staff here are A+! They have our best interests and health at heart. The accommodations are superb. This place is definitely our home.”

~Craig and Marion Otto