retirement community in Paradise

Feather Canyon

5900 Canyon View Dr
Paradise, CA 95969
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Our Retirement Community Testimonials


"Feather Canyon has been my home since it's opening in September, 2001. The independence and feeling of security are most important to me. The many services are excellent, and I find the Staff Members to be capable, pleasant, and always ready to help when needed. Interesting activities are numerous and the scheduled transportation is adequate and well-planned. These years have been a very happy time of my life."
-Ruth Elarth

"The residence is beautiful and well kept. I met lots of new friends and soon was involved in a number of activities. The food is great and lots of it! It was a great decision for me to move ot Feather Canyon."
-Richard Watts

"It has been a pleasure living here at Feather Canyon for the past ten months. I have met many lovely people with varied life experiences. There are a variety of things to do, from shopping trips to Paradise and Chico, religious services, pool table games, poker (my favorite), movies and popcorn, trips to the local casino, and the list goes on! Leaving my house and all of the work involved wasn't a hard decision to make. The staff here are friendly and helpful and the grounds are well kept."
-Phillip Uhas

"This is Paradise, living on top of the mountain, among the tall, fine trees. It's like living in a resort or vacation lodge. Meeting new people we would never have met. No need for a car, as the bus takes us wherever. It's close to the hospital, and has good managers, help and cleaners. Who could ask for anything more?"
-Lovell Randall

"Living here at the Hawthorn Retirement Group community located in Paradise, CA isj ust that... PARADISE! The management staff are all very good natured and very caring. You have opportunities to interact with all of your friends and neighbors or if you choose to have your privacy, that is respected too. It's all up to each individual and I really love living here. (The food is good too!)"
-Judy Sipher

"I have lived at Feather Canyon for three years. It has become like a family to mee. I keep very busy with the multiple choises of activities available. The food is very good - it is served caringly and efficiently. The managmenet is there to help you at any time."
-Audrey Rahm

"Hooray, Horray for Feather Canyon!!! I have been on this "Cruise Ship" ofr 2 1/2 years. One can be as involved and busy as one chooses here among friends... I enjoy all the entertainment, as well as the bus transportation and outings. Then, at times I can enjoy my lovely apartment wiht balcony with quiet time."
-T. Meree Murphy

"The staff are all very pleasant and helpful, ready to do anything you ask of them. Our meals are very good - residents are well served. I have made numerous friends here and enjoy participating in the many activities that are planned for us. This is my home now and I love it!"
-Isabel Edmonds

"My husband and I moved to Feather Canyon about five years ago. As an RN, I took care of my husband's needs, and Ray died in April - I will never forget the wonderful service to me by Feather Canyon. They provided... a wonderful service to me at my time of need... I cannot leave the wonderful friends I made or the excellent service recieved in a beautiful setting called Feather Canyon."
-Maria Schulte