retirement community in Alpharetta

Cottonwood Estates Gracious Retirement Living

255 Vaughan Drive
Alpharetta, GA 30009
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Testimonials for Retirement Living in Alpharetta GA

“I am happier here at Cottonwood Estates than any other residence I’ve lived during my life, including the homes I’ve owned.  My studio is so cute and the meals are superb.  The activities coordinator, Deborah, is fun and she offers activities that are helpful, healthy and entertaining.  I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!”

~Dr. Maxine Williams

“I moved to Cottonwood Estates to be near my family and because the community is beautiful, both inside and out.  The staff is wonderful.  They are always working hard to make sure all our needs are fulfilled.  They provide so many activities to partake in and I am definitely not sorry I moved here.”

~Lilly Branigan

“The staff at Cottonwood is dedicated to the comfort and wellbeing of the residents.  The whole place cries out welcome.”

~Marjorie Pierce