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Stoneybrook Assisted Living

4650 SW Hollyhock Circle
Corvallis, OR 97333
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Our Assisted Living Testimonials

  • "Throughout my mother’s time as a resident, I have met regularly for the 90-day service plan review. I am writing now to say how deeply I appreciate the attention and support that has come to both my mother and to me. In late February I asked to meet to talk about my concerns and observations about my mother and to see what could be done to help with an increase in her services. That meeting was difficult for me – even more so than I had presumed it would be – but they provided the professional input and emotional support in just the way I was needing it. They used the words “with dignity” at least four times in reference to providing care – those words were so reassuring to me that I counted. I feel they are very connected to my mother’s needs, as well as to mine, and I am deeply grateful. I have never felt more strongly than I do now that Stoneybrook Assisted Living is just were I want my mother to be at this time in her life."


  • "I believe without question that Mom's "above and beyond" level of recovery is directly connected to her feelings of safety, security, and care shown to her by her Stoneybrook family of care providers. More than ever, we see that Mom views this as her home."


  • "Thank you each and every person who makes up the Stoneybrook Assisted Living facility and family, for all you do to help my mother enjoy her life at 93+! I appreciate everything you contribute - food, light bulb changes, phone calls, laundry, sharing concerns/issues that I would not be aware of otherwise. My mother tells me that she feels very fortunate to live there. She says she is ‘very secure'."


  • Thank You, Stoneybrook Friends!

    You welcomed our Mom with wide open arms,
    With smiles, help, and fun and endearing charms.
    Words can't express how dear to her you became.
    Friends, helpers, servers, all one and the same.

    She loved it here, because of YOU
    The good meals, her apartment, including the view.
    Stoneybrook is merely a structure, until filled with love
    You gave of yourselves, a gift from above.

    You enriched her life, four years is the count.
    She loved you in return, that's what life is about.
    What a blessing YOU are, we give God our praise!
    The Lord bless you: pressed down and overflowing,
    The rest of your days!


  • “Thank you doesn’t take up much space or sound very grand, and the words cannot convey the heartfelt appreciation and commendation we feel you deserve for a job well done. But we THANK YOU for maintaining a facility where employees made (mom) feel like the very special person she was. She loved (you) all, she liked the facility and it made her last four years a pleasure. That is a very special thing to do for another person. May you be blessed the way she was blessed.”