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Birchwoods at Canco Assisted Living

86 Holiday Drive
Portland, ME 04103
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Our Assisted Living Testimonials

"I like the idea of community living. We are very lucky to live here. My children live close by so they can visit. The staff are willing to help me when I need it."
-Yvonne Bremner

"I left my home of fifty years and [Birchwoods] is relaly now my home. All I need is right here. All those taking care of us are most kind and considerate and can't do enough for us. Bless them!"
-Harry Russell

"I love living here because of the friends and there is so much going on. We eat on Wednesday at different restaraunts and we go out on Mondays to shop and the staff takes good care of me."
-Pat Abbott

"I can't think of anyplace better at this time of my life."
-Vicky Folan

"This has been a wonderful experience living here. I like the surrounding land and the quietness."
-Catherine Scotti

"I feel secure living here. Staff will help you anytime you need it. Living here makes my life easier."
-Jean Norton

"It's a very friendly place. The staff has been very good to me, especially after my husband died. I live here one reason because I can keep my cat - Princes Briana. Birchwoods has a very good staff."
-Luisa Pakosky

"I find everything very pleasant here. Everyone is very pleasant and they do their best. THe staff is very helpful and kind. I am happy with the food and the activities are really great, especially bowling, bingo, and a hole in one! I like to help with activities and things. I love the other residents, they are so nice and interesting to talk to. Our activities coordinator is the very best - she works really hard."
-Margaret Batchelor

"In September 2005 my wife took sick with an illness that became grave. We decided to move to an Assisted Living community where we could both be cared for. She unfortunately passed away soon after we moved to Birchwoods. During the time she was ill, the crew here could not do enough for her to make our lives comfortable; I will never forget that. Now I only have the crew; they are like my family. I feel like I am home. I really love it here; they keep us active with entertainment and great activities."

"Birchwoods was the result of a diligent search by my family members. It was not long before I realized that I had found myself in an outstanding, likeable situation. The service staff and general manager are most efficient in serving my needs daily. They are most pleasant persons and established a very wonderful rapport from the beginning. Having been here for an extended period, I am very happy to relay that … I ended up with the very best! Come and see for yourself."

"Thank you for the never-ending kindness you’ve shown Grandma and Grandpa. It means so very much."

"It was comforting having such a devoted staff keeping an eye on Mom and the rest of us at the time of Dad’s passing. You softened the trauma … Hugs to you all."

"Your care and love has been a god-send to our family! Please know that your kindness and attentiveness are deeply appreciated."

"I thank all of you so much for your compassion and thoughtfulness. I has helped me so much and I shall always be grateful. I may spend a few days away for awhile, but I shall return “home” to Birchwoods soon."

"My family and I owe so many thank yous to all of you for all the great, cheerful help we received and the great dinner you serve our family on Saturday."